1. What percent of your applications currently leverage automated
provisioning?Don’t include applications that are manually provisioned, or for which requests go through the help desk.

2. What is your fully burdened labor cost?Estimate the fully-burdened annual cost for an average employee. This is used to calculate the hourly labor rate for cost estimation purposes. Choose whichever option from the dropdown makes the most sense for your business. All figures are in USD.

3. How many access change requests come in every month?Estimate the amount of requests that come in each month.

4. On average, how long does it take for IT to execute each access change?Estimate the amount of time it takes to execute each change for IT only.

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This is an estimate of your savings using RSA IMG based on the data that you shared with us. For more information download our Business-Driven Identity and Access Governance whitepaper or email IMG@rsa.com.

Activity Current Costs Projected Costs with RSA IMG Projected Savings with RSA IMG Projected Savings % Fact
Cost to Execute Access Changes         RSA IMG makes it possible to further automate access changes and save 50% or more.
Time to Execute Access Changes         RSA IMG can automatically fulfill access changes or automatically create change requests in your service desk system, reducing your effort by 50% or more.
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